Who is the South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE)

sace log new3Who is the South African Chamber Of Entrepreneurs(SACE)?

The South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) was registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organization from 2003 (Act 71 of 1997). Registration Number: 027-607-NPO. This NPO registration automatically lapsed 10 years later in 2013 when the members decided to run SACE as a pure Private Association of Members because it doesn’t ask for or need financial assistance and do not generate any funds/profits either.

Today SACE promotes entrepreneurship in Southern Africa and is a private association of members.

The truth is: people who buy the ready make businesses that SACE promote and develop do it to MAKE MONEY.

The SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs [SACE] generates its own funds via Joint Ventures [ See heading Grands-Never below] and consists of a small group of volunteers and independent businessmen and women who explore new small business opportunities in Southern Africa and then share these ideas with aspiring entrepreneurs who want to implement the business plans, the business systems and ultimately to make enough make money to live a good live.

The people who manage and help this organization (SA Chamber Of Entrepreneurs)  are true full blood entrepreneurs. Many of them are self-made millionaires. Most of them are private individuals who do not need the glamour or success anymore.

They all “made” it… a long time ago. They are mostly private people who do what they do because they love it.

They are people who know how business works and they know how important entrepreneurs are for growth in this country (South Africa) and beyond.

Grands – Never

SACE have never, and will probably never, make use of government grants or accept money from sponsors or the private sector to do this job. The people that “treasure”  this organization feeds differently about grands of any kind:

Entrepreneurs generate their own money – they don’t beg or steal. They work hard to get what they want. That is what we at SACE believe in and here is why:

Successful entrepreneurs don’t need grants or handouts from government. In fact, once a entrepreneur knows and understands how to generate money, asking for grants or handouts is just a waste of time.

A successful business can make more money far quicker that most governments can sign cheques. So why bother?

At SACE we believe that the best way to promote entrepreneurship (get people to start & build a business of their own) is to provide them with SMART knowledge. Once you have the knowledge, making money comes easy.

At SACE we know exactly how to do this AND we have the right tools to show them the way.

Here is what we believe:

To be a called a true Entrepreneur you need to start and run your own business or businesses and make money from it.

The only way to start and build your own business is to FIRST gain the necessary knowledge and then implement this knowledge in such a way that it will generate an income stream, and then profits, for you and your family.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of any economy – they create jobs and wealth for themselves and their country.

There is a “recipe” for every successful business in this world. Entrepreneurs know they need to first learn this “recipe” and then practice the recipe. They never stop – they do this all the time and love it.

Entrepreneurs seek and find answers to new challenges every day.

Entrepreneurs believe in the “TIPP” – formula. Try the recipe first. Implement it. Practice it until it becomes Perfect.

Finally, for Entrepreneurs to succeed in business they need to START SMART.

And by the way – success means Making Money!

At SACE we will help them find new business opportunities that are easy to implement and that make money. We explore, evaluate, and inform.

Here is a truth to think about – maybe you like it, maybe you don’t.

Only ONE man in ten who starts a business will make it, the rest will fail.  Yes, the other nine will be hard working, earnest, and ambitious men – in their own way – but to them a course is a course and a book is a book.

They read but they don’t see, they listen but they don’t hear.

But ONE in ten will make it. One in ten knows what they want in life and they get it.

They know they need to practice, and they practice their business skills all the time. They know the only certainty in life is change. They seek and find answers to new challenges every day.

According to Thomas Ci-Gar, Life & Business coach:-

“Too many businesses fail because new entrepreneurs don’t know what they are doing – they think they don’t need help but they do.

It is easier to become a Medical Doctor or a Rocket Scientist (qualify and pass the university exams) than a professional entrepreneur and successful businessman.

Ask any of the big names in the business world, they will tell you the same thing.

In many cases aspiring entrepreneurs can’t even write a business plan, let alone try to implement one.
They just don’t follow the rules – most don’t even know the rules. They have very little or no business experience.

Business experience comes in only one way, practice.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, you can only practice to become an entrepreneur if you actually become one, part time or full time.

Entrepreneurs need to learn how to follow the recipe (rules) of each business system which is locked away inside itself. Once that has been mastered, success is guaranteed.”

With these truths and the vision to help entrepreneurs, SACE implements one or two projects a year and gives aspiring entrepreneurs a HUGE opportunity.

Do you want to make money?

You will find some of those opportunities on this website.

Those who grab the opportunity we offer them have an 80% bigger chance to succeed than they would have had on their own.