Entrepreneurs Watch This Space – SOMETHING BIG IS COMING.

While South Africa’s economy is in the “cutters”; America’s economy is about to boom like never before – despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Wanne Tip? Smart entrepreneurs go were the money is… they go online… are you ready to join them to earn BIG. Watch This Space! This is happening in JULY 2020… and the fun […]

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How would you like to have your own fully functional e-commence business that can sell anything in the word: Starting with amazing audio books (and MUCH MORE) for immediate profits? This is not a joke. Today you have the chance to take control of your own financial future and do something that has the potential […]

The Dare To Learn Program: A Journey For Students To Independent Freelance Work

INTRODUCTION : WHAT IS THE DARE TO LEARN PROGRAM The Dare-to-Learn Program is a 12-Month, part-time practical course that starts by giving the student an 100% live and functional e-commerce store that the student must manage and grow as her own. The entire program is run and managed by The Boulevard Academy and Campus and […]

Peter: “For Me This Is Like Having My Own ATM Machine”

I know that you are a smart person and THAT is why I need you to watch this 2 minute video right now. People like you and me can be counted on one hand. The fact that you reading here makes you one of those 5 smart people I am talking about an who you […]

The Buy Low – Sell High Secrets…

He calls himself a “goodies” buyer….and his name is John. READ HIS STORY AND CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO GET THE FREE PDF. This is his story… He buys specially used items in his town and surrounding areas where he lives. He then sells these items for profit. It is simple. It is powerful. […]

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  This Crowd-Funding Platform is Now Live… GET MONEY TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS HERE!  Did you know that there are thousands and thousands of investors – locally and internationally – looking for good investments on a daily basis? They just sit and wait with their wallets wide open …waiting for someone like you to […]

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The Business-In-A-Box Everyone Is Talking About! It is called: Muzik News. As crazy as it may sound, this is one of the smartest “money-making” licenses in South Africa right now! Some say it is a legally way to ”Print Money” and they may be right! We like the sound of that: printing your own money! […]

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  This is simply one of the easiest businesses you can image.  All you have to do is help authors and aspirating authors, coaches, teachers, or anyone else in the country who ever wanted to publish a book or courses to do it now! Today you have the opportunity to buy YOUR OWN “PUBLISHING COMPANY” […]