Press Release: 101 New Income Streams For Sky-Linkers

Sky-Linkers love to get paid every Friday – that’s their motto and that’s exactly what they do.

If you are not a Sky-Linker yet,  join us today – this is your invitation from the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs [SACE].


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To help Sky-Linkers earn even more every Friday, we created a few brand-new income streams for them.

In fact, we created 101 new income streams for them.

This new initiative is called the 50-500 [fifty – five hundred] Sky-Linker blueprint and here is how it works:

Simply follow the step-by-step guidelines – starting with the Roll-Out Procedure Guide

This is not a one-day job but aim to do a roll-out of each of the 101 income streams as quickly as you can.

Do this once and you will have earned R50 500 [fifty thousand five hundred] in cash.

Do this roll-out twice, [because the second time it will be much easier] and you will have earned a cool R101 000 in cash.

Do this roll-out ten times and more than half a million [R505 000] is yours.

Trust us: there is no rocket science here. We will show you exactly what to do. You just have to take the “bull by the horns” and start with Step 1 of the roll-out process. Then simply take Step 2, 3 and 4 and you are done – cash in your pocket – every single Friday.

Is it hard to earn a half a million?

Yes, of course it is hard work to earn a million or even a half a million. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you.

But here is the secret: when you are a Sky-Linker and you have a blueprint to follow you have a “very good shot” at making it.

Getting paid for your efforts is what any service business is about.

We all know money do not grow on trees BUT we also know that the smarter we work the more we will earn.

But today it gets a hell of a lot easier to earn with a Sky-Linker license.

Right now you have the opportunity to apply for a Sky-Linker license and join this tribe of new money-makers in South Africa.

Remember: Sky-Linkers get paid on Fridays – every Friday if they can – and they want to earn as much as they can. The only question is – do you want to join to give it a try?

Please join us today – we are ready to issue your license – just follow the link below!

Request a copy of the complete INFO PACK below:

Get The SKY-LINKER Info Pack




You will see the Application Form on the last page of the INFO PACK – simply complete it and we will do the rest.

You can also pay for your license online at the University of Hard Knocks.

We hope to see you on the other side!

Here is the secure link to pay online with PayFast:

NOTE:  This is a Joint Venture project between the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs [SACE] Boulevard Academy [ &].

The University of Hard Knock is a insensitive started by Boulevard and SACE to help entrepreneurs share there knowledge and experience with others.

The Sky-Linker project is also a part of the Dare-to-Learn of which you will be able to see much more off on the official website of Boulevard at –

So rest assured  – you will always get what we promise and you will always get the support you need.