The Dare To Learn Program: A Journey For Students To Independent Freelance Work

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The Dare-to-Learn Program is a 12-Month, part-time practical course that starts by giving the student an 100% live and functional e-commerce store that the student must manage and grow as her own.

The entire program is run and managed by The Boulevard Academy and Campus and will launch soon. In the meantime you are welcome to follow our progress in the amazing venture.


An business coach & mentor is allocated to the student to help her with this task and to help with the 25 short courses she must do during the year to become an expert online marketer and SEO specialist.

The outcomes of the Dare-to-Learn Program insures that the student can assist companies and smaller business owners in a number of digital marketing tasks, for example to:

  • Increase the size of their online footprint
  • To monitor their online reputation, and
  • To help manage their websites where necessary.

Students mostly rely on subsidies from their employers as part of an in-house up-skill program.

Most independent students however rely on a contract from companies that gives these bursaries to them in exchange for freelance services to the company.

Companies who gives bursaries nominate students from a list of applicants who is willing to enroll in the Dare-to-Learn Program and who wants to enter into a freelance contract with their sponsor(s).

In summary then:

The Dare-to-Learn Program teaches students to become online marketers and SEO specialists; and while students do the 12-month course they work for their sponsors as freelancers in exchange for their bursary.

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Message To Our Dare-To-Learn Students:

Congratulations on taking this first step in the DARE TO LEARN  program.  If you have not enrolled yet, please see the details below.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are – we are never to old to learn and to earn.

You are about to start one of the most exciting journeys in the world – and it is called the Dare-to-Learn Program. This is, in essence, a journey for students in South Africa to help them secure independent freelance work.

But you will also be motivated to think big. You will learn to believe in yourself and to absorb as much information as you can so that you can start earning an independent income.

THAT is what the Dare-to-Learn program is all about!

What you will discover will change your life forever.

We know this because thousands of people before you took exactly the same journey and the first steps you will take today.

Their ambitions, fears, excitement and dreams were probably similar to how you feel right now.

Not everyone who ventured into the DARE TO LEARN training program will succeed. Some will fail – each for their own reasons.

But more succeed and they do it with flying colors.

Contained in the training modules and the dare-to-learn package is everything you will need to start building your own future.

What is required from you now is to believe in yourself. You will, with a little bit of effort, achieve enormous success.

What is success?

The definition of success is different for everyone. Our definition of success also changes as our circumstances change.

But true success, no matter what it may mean to you or to your neighbour, usually results in more happiness, more fulfillment and financial rewards.

It is these rewards that is waiting for you on the other side of the hard work you are about to embark on.

If you are young and inexperienced as you read here now that there will be a few mountains for you to climb and conquer.

Like many before you, you will make mistakes along the way but each one will be a stepping stone to the next success.

Each small success will lead to a New High.

What you are about to learn will not be found in the books or libraries of schools, universities or colleges. There are many reasons for this but mostly it is because things change to quickly. Schools, universities and colleges can’t keep up with these changes – so they ignore it.

What you will learn is the practical stuff that matters. You will see with your own eyes how the online world of business works. And then you will test your knowledge by running your own business until it makes money for you.

And then you will help others do the same. This will give you the practice and experience to become an expert in what you like to do the most.

When you reach this point the world is your oyster.

This is an amazing journey and only a few people EVER have the opportunity to travel this road. Don’t take it for granted, make the most of it.

This letter to you is just that:

It is not a manual to the dare-to-learn program but rather an introduction to your new journey. BUT study it carefully – it is important.

You will not learn everything you need to know in one day but you will learn small bits at a time, everyday.

It is like the old saying: How do you eat an elephant? One small bite at a time…

We are now well on our way into the 21st century.

This is the most exciting time in the history of mankind.

New technology has created new opportunities and today YOU are in line to build a new career around it and earn an income by mastering it.

We are living in a time of quick fixes and instant gratification.

Nobody, especially the younger generation, don’t want to wait for results anymore.

Today, the fastest Train, Plane or Supersonic Jet is too slow to deliver an important document or message to anyone. We need the speed of light.

One hundred years ago, the horse was fast enough.

Imagine that…

In his award winning book “ The World Is Flat” by Thomas L Friedman explains how the Internet has changed the world and how it had “levelled” the playing field. He calls it Globalisation III.

He goes on to say we have just entered the Information Revolution and it made the world “one place”… a flat world.Book - The world is flat

For the first time in history telephone and computer technology created an opportunity for individuals in previous disadvantaged countries to tap into the wealth of RICH and prosperous countries.

People in China and India are currently in the lead and are making billions and billions of dollars, pounds and Euro’s from American and European citizens as well as companies.

This book is not fiction, it is fact AND it is recommended that you find it and read it.

Millions of copies have already been sold worldwide and many entrepreneurs and university students in Europe and the USA use the guidelines in this book to plan for their own business future.

We in South Africa are fortunate to live in a rich country. We are one of the few countries in Africa, if not the only, with the technology and infrastructure to make a difference.

THAT is why we started the dare to learn program in Southern Africa.

It is now up to you to absorb this information and learn to use it. Soon you will be able to help your client’s so that they can pay you for your skills.

There is no better training and coaching material on this subject matter than what you are about to receive.

And it will change – it changes all the time – but you will keep up – not because you have to but because you will want too.

The e-commerce business that you are about to receive and the course that you will do is absolutely brilliant and will guide you AND your clients [and sponsors] to discover a NEW WORLD.

A last word on Mr. Friedman’s book; He makes something very clear, and he is right.

“What the world has seen of the information revolution in the last 15+ years is NOTHING in comparison to the future.”

Here is the warning: “You haven’t seen anything yet…”

Once again, congratulations for having the guts to start the DARE-TO-LEARN PROGRAM.

In short, it allows you to enter one of the most exciting businesses in the 21st century.

To Continue….

Update Today:

We just added a few “HOW THE DARE-TO-LEARN PROGRAM  WORKS” videos. You can watch them at the link below:

Dare To Learn Videos