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Join The SA Chamber OF Entrepreneurs NowThis is the Official Site Of  The South African Chamber Of Entrepreneurs (SACE).

The South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) was registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organization from 2003 (Act 71 of 1997). Registration Number: 027-607-NPO.

This NPO registration automatically lapsed 10 years later in 2013 when the members decided to run SACE as a pure Private Association of Members because it doesn’t ask for or need financial assistance and do not generate any funds/profits in its own name either.

Today SACE promotes entrepreneurship in Southern Africa and is a private association of members.

We are also registered with Services SETA (SAQA) as a training provider in the field of entrepreneurship.

To reach our various goals we work with different organisations here and abroad.  In short you could say we explore, evaluate, and inform.

The South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) distributes 1000’s of training and coaching packages country-wide to help entrepreneurs, young and old, to start an business so that they can make money.

We call most of these packages “READY-TO-MAKE-MONEY” businesses or Business-In-A-Box packages.

When you buy one of these packages all you have to do is follow the rules, implement the systems that are shown to you and you will be make money. Read a little more about how it works HERE.

We sell our business packages to new and experienced entrepreneurs. We sometimes refer to our new, first time  entrepreneurs, as our students. Make no mistake – we love our students because they are the reason we are here in the first place.

What is expected from the “student” is to spend a little time learning the ropes and implementing what he or she has learned. That is all. We call it – follow the recipe; or the TIPP-formula.

Try the recipe first.
Implement it.
Practice it until it becomes…

Businesses do not run themselves – their owners do! We are here to show you how.

You should visit our HOME page and blog page to look at the different package that are available. Each will re-direct you to a free standing “project” sites where you will be able to get more background information and to download the Free Information Pack.

While you are on the home page, why don’t you claim your special GIFT – it is free. Just fill in your name and email address in the spaces provided so that we can sent you a download link.

You will automatically be added to our monthly newsletters so that we can keep you updated on special offers and new launches. [Don’t worry – we never spam. We hate spam as much you and ever-one else.]

When we launch new projects we usually have a limited number of packages available.  Our “mailing list members”  get  to know about this first and have the option to buy at a low special launch price.

When you are on our mailing list we will also inform you of PRIVATE business opportunity that no one else gets access too. These are special limited opportunities that are usually not open to the general public.

We would love to welcome you on board.  All you have to do is to join us and we will show you how to build a new income streams for yourself – faster than what you could have have ever thought possible.

Yes, it all sounds crazy but in truth, it really is THAT easy to make money with the packages we sell and distribute.

There is one for you on the HOME PAGE right now.

Thank You