Brand Your Business_SACEIf you are a business owner or plan to start your own business, then this mini course will help you position yourself  to start BRANDING your business – especially online.

Today in our fast moving online world, BRANDING is more important than ever before.  And it is quicker and faster than the speed of sound.

It is as fast as the speed of light.

With the right strategy, the right business ideas and the right budget you can brand a business or product in a few weeks. It is amazing!

This is a 6-Part, easy to follow mini-course to give you ideas on BRANDING your business and products immediately. 

It is a good starting point with great business ideas and examples.

You can download the entire 6-Part Brand Your Business Mini Course below. It is  100% free.


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Part 1 What is a BRAND and why goes it matter? This is were you will learn the secrets only a few people ever talk about.

Part 2 Your mission statement, your name, and how to get one. We also shared the “Jack Daniels Tribe” story with you. This is were things get interesting!

Part 3 Creating your Look & Logo and how to promote your business brand. We also shared with you how and were you should buy a LOGO KIT to make your own logos for pennies to the pound or even to make professional logos for local business owners and selling them for profit. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and in this part of this course you will see exactly why!

Part 4 Delivering on your promise and your company’s core values. We also showed you a “trick” to get great reviews by “under promising and over delivering”. You will learn why some business fail and why others make billions!

Part 5 Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation.  If you get it right up to now by delivering on your promises, over-deliver where you can and deliver in such a way that it will increase your BRAND, you should start to work on the next step to build your brand.  It is called “Reputation Management” and for some reason many companies, big and small, just don’t get it.

Part 6 In the last part of this mini-course we will look at re-branding your business and also at the idea of creating multiple brands.  Re-branding is not always the answer – but let’s take and example: A small new B&B in a big town did bad – they missed their target market and goals completely. Clients who stayed with them rated them BAD.

They got 24 one star [1 out of 5] ratings and 12 two star [2/5] ratings in a period of 3 months – all this on a public “trip advisor type ” forum. Suddenly no-one wants to stay there anymore…

How do you fix something like this quickly? You don’t – download this brilliant mini-course now to find out why…

It is one of the BEST courses on BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS on the Internet right now.

It is yours with complements from the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

Stop- Get The Logo KitHOWEVER…

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This mini course will show you how vital it is that business owners brand there businesses.

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