How Millionaires are made in times of economic turmoil

Wealthy During A Economic Crises

Become Wealthy During A  Economic Crises

Every time that you turn on the TV, you are confronted by reports about the economic crisis. The reporters and economic specialists say that we are still in a downward spiral. They are telling the world that the sky is falling and it is time to take cover.

The people that we turn to for advice on money and wealth have become scared by the trends that they have been seeing, they are advising us to be afraid of what we are seeing as well. You are told to save your money and to cut back on your spending.

People are talking about this economic crisis as the next depression. For many people, the only thought that they can think about is that hopefully they will keep their job through tomorrow. This is the time when people decide to be happy with where they are at financially and just hope to stay there.

This is not where you want to be in this time of economic turmoil. You can not just sit and hope that you can hold on to what you already have. This is a time when you can make your dreams of becoming wealthy a reality.

Millionaires are made in times of economic turmoil and now is no exception. Many of today’s wealthy know that now is the time to take the steps to expand their wealth. They do not listen to the tails of doomsday that are broadcast on the TV. They know that there is always a way to make money and that they only have to find it and follow it.

You can be one of these people that can turn the dark skies into a brighter day tomorrow. All it takes is a belief that you can do it. This belief that there is wealth to be had in this time of economic crisis will make you succeed where others fail. It will help you to stand tall against the naysayers.

The use of visualization will be key in achieving your wealth. With your beliefs in place about your money, you will be able to clearly visualize your goals. A clear visualization of your goals will make them become more real to you. This will help you to succeed in your goals.

The first step that you will need to take on your journey is to decide how much money that you want to make in a month. This is often a humbling task for most people. Most people will look at how much money they need to pay bills and living comfortably. This is not all that you need to take into account when you are setting your goal. This is the goal that is set when you are happy just to get by in this time of economic crisis.

The best way to do this type of goal setting is to sit in a quiet room with a pad and pen.  Sit and just think about how much money that you would like to make a month. Do not limit the amount of money that you would like.

The limitations of the fact that the job you are at only pays this much will only set you up to stay where you are. This is what I need to live, is a limitation that will make that you only make enough money to live. You want to earn enough money to be wealthy.

The next step is to decide what you will put back in the community to get the wealth that you desire. This is based on the fact that giving back when you receive will help you to build upon what you have.

Many people choose to donate money to a charity that they have always wanted to help. This is a noble cause, but not the only thing that you can give back.

The third step is to set a time frame for achieving your monthly income goal. You need to be realistic when you set this time frame. The time frame should not be too far in the future that it does not seem real to you. Remember visualization of your goals  and the time frame that you are going to achieve them in are an important part of becoming wealthy despite economic crisis.

Put your time frame in writing. By seeing it in writing, the time frame will become real to you. This will help you to focus on achieving your goal by then.

The fourth step is probably the most important. You need to take action. Many times a great idea and goal go cold when the person spends all their time planning to take action. Even if you do not know the exact route that you will take to make your goal of a certain income a month reality, you need to take the first step today towards it.

From there you will continue to take steps everyday on your road to achieving your wealth in the time frame that you set. You do not want your drive and attitude about your goals to become stagnant.

As you journey by taking these steps, it is good to have a reminder of your goal and time frame. Write down a statement about what you plan to do. An example of this would be, I plan to make R75,000 a month by the end of 6 months. Your statement can be that simple.

Say this statement out loud 2 to 4 times a day. This reinforces your plans and goals. You will stay on track with this reminder of what you are trying to achieve.

This simple plan for achieving wealth was set onto paper by Napoleon Hill in 1937. The simplicity and the truthfulness of these steps will become apparent to you as you take them.

The steps are set to help you to take formulated risks that are needed to make the money that you dream of, despite the doomsday advice about the economic crisis.

These are the steps the wealthy people have taken and found the opportunity that exists even in the most difficult of times. You can find the window that has open now that the door has been shut on the ideas of wealth of the general public.