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Look: Right now, here in the 21-century, companies and business owners understand that they have to use quality images to capture the attention of prospective buyers.

Whether these quality images are logos, flyers, marketing postcard, discount coupon or even video presentation, the results is the same. SUCCESS!

Powerful images like these Cartoon Characters engage audiences very quickly. And believe it or not – cartoons make people talk – and when they talk about a product, they buy.

Smart business owners knows this and THAT is why they need your help!

They need these images, designs and logos and YOU are about to give it to them in exchange for cash!

Bottom line is – everyone loves Cartoon Characters because they are fun and they get attention!

Local business owners already know that by using Cartoon Characters like these, it will help them succeed when it comes to their marketing efforts!catoom cash and pad images

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Download the LOGO KIT: PRO Info Pack at the link below:

Info Pack : The Logo Kit

In the LOGO KIT: PRO information pack you will see how easy it is to start your own LOGO STUDIO in just one single day.

As part of this LOGO KIT: PRO package you will get this brilliant Cartoon Character Collection as a BONUS, 100% FREE!

Logo Studeo 2 x Box image for sales pageWHY?

When you run a LOGO STUDIO companies and business owners will stand in line to order these Cartoon Characters from you.

They need it for special promotions, marketing and branding of their businesses.

With the license and training you will receive from us as part of the LOGO KIT: PRO package, you will be able to edit and sell these cartoons and all 301 logos for handsome profits. It is a Magic Business – all you have to do is say : YES!

In this FREE Cartoon Character Collection You Get:NEW CARTOON CHARACTERS- box image

  • More than 30 different cartoon characters.
  • The Master PhotoShop files for each image.
  • The Vector, JPEG and PNG files.
  • A License to edit and sell all these cartoon characters for 100% profit
  • Videos to show how to edit the characters & colors…AND MUCH MORE!


Let’s Re-Cap:

1. Local business owners in South Africa urgently need to get onboard and embrace
the 21-century digital marketing world.

2. To do this, BRANDING, especially online, is the priority. It is much easier than what most people think – but there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.

3. The SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) and its partners embarked on a project to help Local Business in South Africa with this process and at the same time equipped freelance entrepreneurs with the tools, licenses and training to start an LOGO DESIGN STUDIO for basically zero capital outlay.

4. With this new Cartoon Characters collection pack, we just added an EXTRA income stream to the LOGO DESIGN STUDIO package. And it is 100% free!

What Should You Do Next?

Follow these three steps:

Step one:

Download the LOGO KIT: PRO info pack at the secure link below:

Info Pack : The Logo Kit

You can also download the free BRAND YOUR BUSINESS mini course here:


Step two:

Sent your application form to us – you will see it on the last page of the LOGO KIT: PRO info pack

Step three:

Start immediately and earn R2500+ per week with your own LOGO DESIGN STUDIO.

As a Special Bonus Gift you get this entire Cartoon Characters Collection Pack 100% free!

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