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We at the SA Chamber of Entrepreneur (SACE) have the KEY to your new business.

Here it is – are you ready to take it?

Just click on the image below and you will see all the current projects SACE has available to make your dreams come true.

sace_we have the key to your new businessSACE consists of a small group of volunteers and independent businessmen and woman [also volunteers] around the world who explores new small business opportunities on a global scale.

SACE then explore some of these opportunities to see how they can be implemented in Southern Africa. SACE and its partners then adapt it to the SA market and then test the business system  it extensively.

The results of the business system, the business model and the market readability is evaluated.

Once SACE is 100% happy, a package is put together with EVERYTHING the new entrepreneurs or “student” will need to success. THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!

This ‘PACKAGES” is known as a SA Chamber ; Ready-Made-Business package.

The cost is brought down (subsidized) as much as possible, sometime as much as 95% of its true value. [By “subsidizing” the costs of each package in this way, SACE opens the door for more people to afford to come on board]

When everything is ready, SACE will inform its members and friends that a limited number of package are available in the market.

Don’t you want your own business?

If you answer YES, than what are you waiting for?