Video Commercial Agency System

On this page you will find a few example of video commercials that where made with the exact same Unbranded, White Label Videos & Tools that YOU will soon receive with your EM Video Commercial Agency License & Package.


1. Have Fun & Join Us


Whether you believe it or not…We are not all the same.

Some of us have skills and talents others simply don’t have…or simply don’t care for….

The secret to a happy life however, is to find your passion…learn the skill…and practice it – until it’s perfect.

THAT is why we developed the Dare-to-Learn program.


2. Insurance Brokers


Meet Doctor Jeff Stubs. By day: Medical practitioner and brilliant surgeon

In his spare time, his a pilot.But yesterday Jeff also qualified as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician because he wanted to…and because he can.

Jeff is a smart guy. He always gets what he wants. He loves his job and he loves his hobbies. THAT is why he had to insure his hands not once…but twice.

Guess who’s his broker is?

Yep – Kevin Aling.

Don’t you think it is time for you to do the same? Give Kevin a call – just follow the link below.

3. [A]Live Actor Spokes-Person Video

3. [B]Live Actor Spokes-Person Video