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Coloring Books For Adults – The New Way To Relax!

Coloring books for adults hit the headlines around the middle of 2015, but this overnight sensation was anything but that.Book Stack

This new craze, also known as “coloring books for grown-ups”, first blipped on Google’s radar as a therapeutic activity back in December of 2010.

It is however rumored that the French already got hold of these coloring books as far back as 2008 – which in Internet Terms, is a long time ago!

In 2015, the tidal wave hit. The UK’s Guardian newspaper, USA Today and The New York Times all started running stories that focused on this new trend. Headline like these appeared:

“Dust off your crayons: Adult coloring books are here.”

South African’s quickly picked up one this craze and this new way of relaxation, Soon coloring books were topping the bestseller lists.

So, why the sudden interest in adult coloring books? And why now?

Well, it seems that coloring helps relieve stress, and we are living in a time of great stress.

With constant changes in our roles in the world, how we view ourselves, and the frantic pace at which technology is developing, it probably comes as no surprise that a mindful, meditative task that focuses on repetitive movements helps relieve stress.

Of course, it could also be attributed to the fact that a lot of people wish they could paint or draw and exquisitely illustrated coloring books allow them to mimic painting and drawing with attractive results.mandala

The back and forth motion of coloring engages both sides of the brain, while turning off the part of the brain responsible for situational awareness (the frontal lobe). This goes some way to explaining why it can be so relaxing.

Round “mandala” patterns remain one of the most popular coloring images, as they are intricate in nature and present the opportunity to interpret the colors in an individual way.

Other popular images include cityscapes, buildings, plants, flowers and animals.

Coloring books are also fun way to create something you can share with friends and family.

If you are left with any doubt as to how HUGE this trend has become, look no further than the fact that the UK’s premier TV broadcaster, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) have launched a coloring book based on one of their longest running shows, Doctor Who.

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